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  • Coin: 10 Reasons It’s Not a Nightmare

    Tom's Guide published a piece called 10 Reasons Coin Card Could Be a Security Nightmare that starts off with a great summary of what Coin is but then goes on to excessively magnify the risks of using Coin and their likelihood. This alarmist piece does not accurately portray real usage and real risks of ...

  • New York City Subway Map – High Resolution

    Despite a lot of searching online, I've had a hard time finding a high-resolution map of the New York City subway system. To its credit, the NYC MTA has a subway map on its website and has a downloadable, printable PDF. However, there's no official high quality image file to ...

  • Google Glass Explorers Invitations Available

    As most of you can tell, I've been beta testing +Google Glass since June. Google is expanding their pool of beta testers and I have two invites to give out. Purchase necessary. Let me know if you're interested in one of them and why you would be a good fit by Saturday, ...

  • $100 Android HDMI Dongle: Dell Project Ophelia

    This new release by Dell signals a foray into a new market by a large and respected hardware manufacturer. The $100 Android HDMI dongle is a very appealing form factor for a variety of uses and several have been released in the past year given advances in hardware miniaturization and ...


The Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) has been used in DC. Not familiar with CMAS? It is a private-public partnership between the federal government and commercial cell phone carriers to send text message style alerts with important notifications that is prioritized over normal voice and data services to people based on their location (as determined by what cell  [ Read More ]

Facebook Email: Before

Checked your Facebook profile lately? Facebook removed your email account and swapped in an email account. Here’s how to quickly fix it: Click “About” on your profile and scroll down to your email address. Click “Edit” to change them. Click on the circle next to your Facebook email address and change its setting to  [ Read More ]


A new Louisiana law requires sex offenders and child predators to state their criminal status on their Facebook and other social networking page, with the law’s author saying the bill is the first of its kind in the nation. And thus another entry in the saga of absurd laws relating to technology. To cover themselves,  [ Read More ]


Note: This was co-authored by Sens. John D. Rockefeller IV, (D-W.Va.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). In February, these four senators jointly sponsored the Cybersecurity Act of 2012, a bill that has been in the works for more than three years. Every day, rival nations, criminal syndicates and maybe even  [ Read More ]

Bethesda Cares: Red Parking Meters for the Homeless

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: News

I get interviewed with my girlfriend, her mom, and her family friends on Bethesda Cares’s Red Parking Meters for the Homeless.

Silicon Valley vs. Hollywood Lobbying

This is a pretty telling description of why PIPA/SOPA was going so smoothly through Congress. West-coast tech companies don’t really pay much attention to east-coast politics … unless it starts meddling in their business. I could understand their initial reaction — when I read these bills, I thought they’d be dead in the water because  [ Read More ]

Jon Stewart on SOPA

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: News, Politics, Technology

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Why ask a bunch of “nerds” what the right thing to do is?

Red State Socialism

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: Politics
Red State Socialism

A social scientist’s dream is to be able to do experiments with policy. One of my personal favorite ideas has been to cut all entitlements for 12 months. Especially if done by a Democratic President during his second year in office, I imagine that there might be a dramatic change in electorate opinion. Republicans can tout  [ Read More ]

SOPA Strike

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: Cybersecurity, News, Politics, Technology
SOPA PIPA Infographic

HP Personal Systems Group to Stay

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: News, Technology
HP Pavilion

HP announced today that its Personal System Group that manufacture’s PCs is here to stay. The newly hired CEO, Meg Whitman, was good on her promise to make a quick decision on it. In some respects, the decision was not all that unexpected because the PC unit was still profitable — and the logistics/supply chain  [ Read More ]

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Tom's Guide published a piece called 10 Reasons Coin Card ...

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