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Canon dSLR and Lens Guide

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: Photography

Given that I take a lot of photos and have a dSLR with a variety of lenses, I often get asked for camera and lens advice. Having been told that it’s been helpful, I’m sharing it online in the hopes that it can assist others in their decision-making process (and something I can point people to in  [ Read More ]

Lens Notation Primer

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: Photography

As part of my series on buying entry-level dSLRs and lens buying, you may come across notations on a lens that are unfamiliar to you. If this all seems familiar, move on to my dSLR and lens guide. If not, read on to get a handle on what I mean. Focal Length — wide-angle, telephoto,  [ Read More ]

Despite a lot of searching online, I’ve had a hard time finding a high-resolution map of the New York City subway system. To its credit, the NYC MTA has a subway map on its website and has a downloadable, printable PDF. However, there’s no official high quality image file to work with (and no original  [ Read More ]

Lytro: Camera 3.0

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: Photography, Technology

We’ve all heard of Web 2.0 and some of us even know about HTML5 and CSS3. None of these are quite as revolutionary to the internet as Lytro‘s light field camera is to photography. This camera allows you to take a picture without focusing. You never have to worry about missing that perfect moment because  [ Read More ]

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