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HP Personal Systems Group to Stay

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: News, Technology

HP announced today that its Personal System Group that manufacture’s PCs is here to stay. The newly hired CEO, Meg Whitman, was good on her promise to make a quick decision on it. In some respects, the decision was not all that unexpected because the PC unit was still profitable — and the logistics/supply chain  [ Read More ]

Loku: What’s Trendy

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: Food, Technology

Yelp is the juggernaut of food and entertainment reviews but there’s always room for a little guy to move in and do things better. A service called Loku finds news and recommends places in neighborhoods based on its algorithms that apply natural language processing and sentiment analysis to the reviews, posts, and social media updates  [ Read More ]

Ikea Sells Affordable LED Bulbs

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: News, Technology

I’m in favor of the new energy efficient light bulbs mandated by U.S. law. Incandescents are inefficient with a short life-span and burn hot to the touch. Compact Florescents (CFs) solve some of this by being more efficient and having a longer lifespan but are a touch more expensive. Same goes with LED bulbs, they’re  [ Read More ]

Amazon Phone to Follow Fire?

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: Technology

Here’s an interesting thought — will Amazon release a smartphone the way it has released a tablet? In the grand scheme of things, Amazon’s Kindle and subsequent Kindle Fire will likely pay off well for the company. It makes sense to sell them with only a small profit margin, at-cost, or even at a loss  [ Read More ]

Android Siri Alternative

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: Technology

I’m not particularly sure what all the hype surrounding Siri is all about — the newest feature of the iPhone 4S. In a sense, I do understand how people want to feel like the rich guy (or gal) who owns a mansion, has a butler, and his own concierge. You ask a question, Siri answers  [ Read More ]

Winners & Losers of Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: Politics

Do you like Herman Cain’s tax plan? Maybe you should figure out what income bracket you’re in first. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities made a chart showing how Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan would affect taxpayers. There are essentially two important takeaways: Taxes for the bottom 80% of people would increase Taxes for the  [ Read More ]

Lytro: Camera 3.0

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: Photography, Technology

We’ve all heard of Web 2.0 and some of us even know about HTML5 and CSS3. None of these are quite as revolutionary to the internet as Lytro‘s light field camera is to photography. This camera allows you to take a picture without focusing. You never have to worry about missing that perfect moment because  [ Read More ]

Singapore’s Crackdown: Students Playing Poker

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: News

So I was talking to Alice, a good friend of mine who recently moved to Singapore with her husband, about the lack of online consumer services available in the country compared to what she had in Manhattan. One thing led to another and I found this little gem of an article through Google Trends. Apparently  [ Read More ]

Text Messaging: How Cellular Carriers Rip You Off

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: Technology

People are constantly annoyed at me for not being able to receive text messages. Those who are not technology savvy assume it’s some limitation of a “cheap android” phone and ask if they got an iPhone would that solve my problem. (Ahem, the iPhone 3GS couldn’t even send MMS for three months after its release  [ Read More ]

RIP Dennis Ritchie

Posted by Mario Stylianou Categories: Technology

#include <stdio.h> int main () { printf(“goodbye, world\n”); return 0; }

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